How Tupperware Works

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Silicon Valley’s latest big idea is Tupperware parties for marijuana

Earl Silas Tupper invented and marketed Tupperware in the s. His innovative invention led to an enduring line of household products sold throughout the world. Due to an early lead and a reputation for good quality Tupperware dominated its market for many years but that began to change in the s and ’80s. In the last 20 years a crowded market and fierce competition has left Tupperware sales consultants in need of every competitive edge they can find.

Summer is comin!! Get your boat and RV ready with Tupperware ~Date a Party or Order at Vendor Event Success Tips for Direct Sales and Network Marketing.

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And, someone, like myself, who is a little more on the straight and narrow But, basically, I feel like that it has the stigma, and the way to take the stigma away is remove the dealer. Have the hostess. You can invite her over, except the Tupperware has brownies in it. But I really think that if you applied that same business model, that you could bring something to the masses in a safe way.

Out of the kitchen and into the bedroom – the party’s over for Tupperware ladies

A Tupperware party is a must if you wish to become a successful Tupperware manager who sells a lot of products. Tupperware products used to lounge on dusty shelves in hardware stores across the US till Brownie Wise, told the founder Earl Tupper, to pull them off the shelves and sell them exclusively on direct sales only. It proved to be a big hit! Women and men love the idea of gathering around in a familiar surrounding with friends and family members, looking at products.

At the same time, they socialize, have a pot luck party, learn a few new skills and also have fun.

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In the time that it takes to read this sentence, a handful of Tupperware parties all across the world have probably just started. The company estimates that a new Tupperware party kicks off somewhere every 3 seconds, but the gatherings aren’t limited to the American suburbs where they first took off [source: Brown ]. Despite their kitschy reputation, Tupperware parties take place in more than countries, with , happening every year in France alone [source: Brady ].

The get-togethers have also become popular elsewhere, including in India, with Tupperware managers hosting 3, every week in Delhi [source: Westhead ]. And that’s only a snapshot of the total number of Tupperware parties happening across the Asian country, where tens of thousands of women sell the plastic products [source: Singh and Shankar ].

To throw a Tupperware party, consultants first find a customer willing to host it in his or her home. The host then invites friends, coworkers, family members and other potential customers for a Tupperware-themed event, during which guests can get an up-close look at the various products. Often, Tupperware party organizers will serve and possibly prepare food and beverages in Tupperware products to demonstrate their usefulness.

Guests can then place orders for their own Tupperware products, which the consultant will process. In exchange for opening up their homes, Tupperware party hosts typically receive merchandise gifts proportional in value to the amount of Tupperware sold. Tupperware parties remain the primary sales vehicle for the plastic kitchenware, but in , the company made a radical change by offering catalogue shopping for the first time [source: Louie ].

Since , parties had been the only outlet for people to purchase Tupperware. Yet as profits and the Tupperware sales force shrank in the early s, the company decided to expand its sales strategy to include catalogues and has since opened up online sales as well.

7 Post Ideas for an Epic Direct Sales Facebook Party

It is the end of a year era which turned the word Tupperware into a generic name for a plastic box and which spawned a whole new way of selling. The demise of the Tupperware demonstrator and the party hostess was revealed by the Florida-based corporation after it wrote to demonstrators to say they will be out of a job at the end of March. The parties are being axed and nearly 1, UK jobs, nearly all held by women, will be lost – 1, demonstrators, managers and 20 distributors.

The demonstrators are self-employed and will not receive any redundancy pay-offs. The company is now considering other ways to get sales, including shops, the internet or joint ventures – even though it still says on its website that “nothing can replace direct contact with a Tupperware demonstrator”.

Of course the best place to get additional datings is at a Tupperware party. tips. Dating Attitude. Get excited Tupperware has SO much to offer the hostess!

As they say, the results may surprise you. My date for the evening? My mother. To sweeten the deal, she told me I could pick something from the catalogue that I liked. I was sold. Looking around, my suspicions were confirmed: I was the only male specimen in attendance. My company was a cross-section of women ranging from their early twenties to their late forties, including a trainee teacher, an animal nurse, a lunch server, and a few retail workers.

If nothing else, it was a varied grouping. We chatted amongst ourselves, the atmosphere pleasant and social, until the rep made a throat-clearing noise and announced that it was time to kick things off. No one heard her, so she did it again, a little louder this time. At last, we piped down long enough to make a start. Our first task for the evening involved scribbling our names on scraps of paper and dropping them in a hat — well, a plastic container naturally , but close enough.

Once our names were pulled, we got to select one of three prizes up for grabs.

Tupperware Consultant Ideas

You have decided to host a Tupperware party with me. Maybe you are thinking about it and want to know what you will get if you do. Well let me share the goodies with you. OK now that we have gotten to know each other a bit lets talk goodies So the first goodie is a Thank You Gift. This is a gift you get just for holding your party.

Well, I have no problem with selling party games through that home party kind of format, it’s simply not the concept I was looking for. up – Tupperware and Pampered Chef aren’t things people use up either, Full Date. I agree almost completely, Denise! When I was trying to put Great ideas there Joe!!

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Connect Your Tupperware Independent Rep will help pick a date, time and menu. Time to craft your guest list! Our advice? The more the merrier. Enjoy sharing this one-a-kind-party experience and earn free gifts just for hosting. Income Perks Rewards.

Cooking tips, creative recipes, free products, and time to chill with your favorite people. Saturday night. Set or the Alfresco Serving Set. Add set of two 6 oz.

15 Tupperware™ Facts From the Back of the Fridge

In , few people had heard of Tupperware — in fact, many were skeptical of plastic food containers, which were known to peel and smell. Many women got involved in the business after being guests at these parties. Tupperware dealer Li Walker recalled, “I had a friend and she was going to have a Tupperware party, so I went.

Nov 13, – KEEP CALM & HAVE A TUPPERWARE PARTY Contact today to book your date and receive a FREE 2nd thank you gift from me! 59 Ideas For Online Party Games Tupperware Mary Kay Thirty One Party, Thirty One Gifts.

Baby boomers and members of younger generations are nostalgically collecting Tupperware. They remember their mothers and grandmothers who used the items in their kitchens or sold the products as “Tupperware Ladies. Tupper’s plastic containers for household use were strong while being light in weight, but they didn’t sell as well in stores without demonstrations to illustrate all their useful attributes to the homemaker. Wise’s enthusiasm for the brand led her to become Tupper’s vice president, as she excelled at developing the home party concept for selling these innovative plastic products.

Under her leadership in the s, Tupperware became well-known for offering American women expanded opportunities to earn an income, drive their careers, and build their confidence,” shares Tupperware. The concept of direct marketing championed by Wise introduced Tupperware to households across America, and eventually their lines went global. The glass kitchenware that was popular with homemakers from the s through the ’40s was soon replaced with these airtight plastic wares.

The company is still in business with headquarters located in Orlando, Florida. For instance, early bowl sets were round and made in pastel colors the Wonderlier line. As decorating color palettes changed, so did Tupperware. In the late s and s, the company switched to earth tones and some bowls became square rather than completely round the Servalier line.

These differences also help in dating Tupperware pieces. But if you’re just learning about these varied products, which included food storage systems, serving pieces, mixing bowls, and even hard plastic ovenware, look at the bottom of a piece you suspect to be Tupperware.

Dating away from the party