All 3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Were Affected by 2013 Attack

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Updated 10 Jan This archive contains functions for downloading daily stock price information from both Google and Yahoo! Finance as well as helpful utility functions.

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Please contact customerservices lexology. Internet search giant Yahoo! The details that have emerged paint the picture of a company that failed to adhere to basic data security requirements. Unfortunately, the technology company will likely become a case-study in what happens when an organization fails to follow security best practices. It appears that in , when the first data breach occurred, Yahoo was still using a discredited technology for data encryption known as MD5.

One of the basic tenets of data security is the need to stay abreast of technological developments and maintain satisfactory security controls. If Yahoo had employed stronger and more secure technology sooner, the hackers would have had greater difficulty accessing customer accounts. Reports also indicate that even when Yahoo was growing, the company did not see security as important.

Coronavirus: Romance scams, the Yahoo boys and my friend Beth

Yahoo Groups is shutting down after more than 18 years, and the Verizon-owned company is deleting all content from the site in mid-December. You’ll have until that date to save anything you’ve uploaded. This page notes that “It can take up to 30 days for the request to finish processing and the download to become available.

Although the Yahoo Groups site will continue to exist after December 14, “all public groups will be made private or restricted,” Yahoo said. Users will continue to “be able to communicate with your groups via email and search for private groups on the site,” and admins will retain “limited access to group settings and administration tools,” but that’s it.

If you are wondering what license a particular software package is using, please Public License , except that the license is provided by VMWare instead of Yahoo! because it restricts who can redistribute the program and for what purpose. modified, adding more restrictions to it, although its date still said 09/​20/

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And now, it is even bigger. Last year, Yahoo said the attack on its network had affected one billion accounts. Three months before that, the company also disclosed a separate attack, which had occurred in , that had affected million accounts. Digital thieves made off with names, birth dates, phone numbers and passwords of users that were encrypted with security that was easy to crack.

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Learn anything from creating dashboards to automating tasks with VBA code! As of Q3 , the Yahoo! Finance capabilities in Excel have been disabled by Yahoo! I have created a feature request directly to the Microsoft Excel team to recoup this lost functionality. The best way for them to notice this plea to get stock price functionality back into Excel is to upvote my posted request.

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Beginner’s Guide to the Yahoo Finance numbers

Learn the stock market in 7 easy steps. This guide will assume you are an absolute beginner when it comes to using ticker systems like Yahoo Finance. The world of stock investments might seem confusing and overwhelming, with plenty of symbols and slang to mull over. Some of these categories are complex and hotly debated topics that you can research further at your pleasure. Hopefully those will be easy to comprehend.

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By Wendy Lee and Marissa Lang. Yahoo said Tuesday that the number of accounts impacted by a massive security breach in was three times larger than it had originally announced — meaning all accounts were affected. Roughly 3 billion accounts were breached, the company now says, up from its earlier estimate of more than 1 billion.

The company has yet to disclose the cause of the breach.

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Yahoo’s announcement that state-sponsored hackers have stolen the details of at least million accounts shocks both through scale — it’s the largest data breach ever — and the potential security implications for users. That’s because Yahoo, unlike MySpace, LinkedIn and other online services that suffered large breaches in recent years, is an email provider; and email accounts are central to users’ online lives.

Not only are email addresses used for private communications, but they serve as recovery points and log-in credentials for accounts on many other websites. An email compromise is one of the worst data breaches that a person could experience online, so here’s what you should know:. Yahoo said that the “vast majority” of the stolen account passwords were hashed with bcrypt. Hashing is a one-way cryptographic operation that transforms data into a set of random-looking characters that serves as its unique representation — this is called a hash.

Hashes are not supposed to be reversible, so they’re a good way to store passwords. You take input, such as a password, pass it through a hashing algorithm and compare it to a previously stored hash. This provides a way to verify passwords at log-in time without actually storing them in plain text in the database. But not all hashing algorithms offer equal protection against password cracking attacks that attempt to guess which plaintext password generated a specific hash.

Unlike the ageing MD5, which is quite easy to crack if implemented without additional security measures, bcrypt is considered a much stronger algorithm.

Yahoo is deleting all content ever posted to Yahoo Groups

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